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Quality Floor Polishing for Over 15 Years
We take particular pride in providing high-quality, skilled work at competitive rates

The over 15 years of experience in floor polishing have given AMJ Floor Polishing the experts in all aspects of floor polishing, delivering customer satisfaction-driven results every time, on time.

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Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Floors
Our services include grinding, buffing, and sealing of concrete. We also offer a variety of aggregate colour choices, allowing you to customize your polished concrete look
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    Concrete Polishing

    Polished concrete is ideal for businesses and residences looking for floors that are durable, low maintenance, and stain-resistant. Popular in restaurants, retail locations, showroom floors, and manufacturing, it is an attractive, inexpensive option for flooring.

    There are a variety of colour options available, making it appealing for a wide audience. Because polished concrete is easy to upkeep and requires little maintenance, polishing concrete is the most cost-effective flooring solution.

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    Tile Polishing

    Tile flooring needs to be brought back to its original glory and look from time to time. Our Expert team will help restore that stunning look of your floor no matter what the problem is.

    This service includes:

    • Tile Buffing and cleaning
    • Tile Polishing
    • Tile re-grouting and grout repairs
    • Repairs and patches, damaged tiles
    • Tile Sealing
    • Tile Restoration.
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    Natural Stone Polishing 

    Sandstone flooring manages to be both unique and classic at the same time. However, sandstone flooring that has been dulled and stained over time doesn’t have the same inviting effect.

    Utilizing the services of a professional polisher will infuse your flooring with a new life, while maintaining its rustic charm. We are here to remove stains and polish your floor surfaces to a high sheen.

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    Marble Polishing

    Are you looking for marble restoration services? You’ve come to the right place. Marble flooring adds a classic, timeless look to your home, but when it becomes old and stained, it loses its lustre. That’s why we offer marble restoration that can remove stains, polish your flooring, and restore your flooring to its former glory.

    AMJ Floor Polishing has years of experience restoring marble, and, like all our polishing services, we only used the highest quality equipment.

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    Terrazzo Polishing

    Another polishing service we offer is restoring old terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo floors are timeless, long-lasting floors that make a gorgeous addition to any building. With new equipment, they are also now easy to maintain. Our crew can work with your rundown terrazzo flooring to restore it to its former glory. We remove stains, repair chips and cracks, and polish the surface to a high sheen.

    AMJ Floor Ploshing uses the most advanced polishing and grinding machinery, and are confident in our ability to brighten and polish the toughest of floors.

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What Our Customers Say
Nathan Zammit

Anthony did an awesome job grinding and polishing our concrete floor. He was very informative and ran us through the whole procedure before starting. I will be telling my friends and family about his service! You will not be disappointed with his work!

Carol Anastassi

Highly recommended! Anthony was very tidy and efficient. He was always on time and informative. My concrete floor came up perfectly. I was very happy with his work.


I had Anthony and his team clean and seal our concrete pergola and sandstone pool area. I’m very happy with their service, they were efficient, reliable and whenever I had any issue or questions Anthony was very helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Jeanette Fuller

Extremely happy with the work done on my travertine table it now looks like new again after being badly etched and marked. The work was professional and Anthony very pleasant and helpful as to how to maintain table.Jeanette